Private Security Service
Specialists in providing world class (VIP) Drivers, Close protection, Travel Security and Maritime Security.
P.S.S. Training Services P.S.S. Close Protection P.S.S. Maritime Security P.S.S. Signatory Company (ICOC) P.S.S. Oil & Gas Security

Specialists in providing world class Security & Protection Service

P.S.S. is a company that works with military precision

P.S.S. can provide specific security services around the world. 

The staff of P.S.S. have a background in special units of the Ministry of Defence. They are experts in their field. They also have a broad experience in hostile areas across the world and they act in a discreet and professional way.
We  set the industry standard for personalized and highly skilled  assessment, planning and service at every level throughout the  enterprise, serving multinational corporations, Embassies, small and mid-sized  businesses, individuals, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. 

P.S.S. prides itself on maintaining the highest quality worldwide.

By selecting P.S.S. to provide you with security services you are ensuring the highest level of service and security in the world market.

Private Security Service is a Signatory Company of The International Code Of Conduct For Private Security Providers (ICOC)